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20-weeks-pregnantI love fashion blogs that inspire people in the arts of interiors, fashion, health and beauty.  These are just some of the photos that I recently posted to my inspiration board, now remember you don’t have to splurge  if your budget isn’t what you would like it to be.  You just have to know your fabrics and know what you would pay for or not pay for.

chic mrs de la winter_thumb[3]What do these women all have in common? They keep it clean, simple and classic.  Their clothes are timeless.

Always invest in great basics, and always buy two of everything you love.  I practice doing that and usually will buy a cardigan at full price and get a 2nd if and when they go on-sale.


Now, I really, really want a lighter shade Grey cardigan, just like the one’s shown in these photos. One perk about these photos is that you can imagine a pair of Converse High-tops with them instead of ballet flats.

What’s your wardrobe inspiration?




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