Red Lipstick in Fashion

Over the weekend my sister Wendy and I poured over all the European fashion magazines while we sipped iced tea. This was a ritual we began as teens and it’s something nice that we enjoy doing together. I photographed various articles and pictures that I liked and the one element they all have in common?Continue reading “Red Lipstick in Fashion”

Afternoon Reading – Lola Rykiel for Harper’s Bazaar

I love, love surfing the net and have a lot of my usual blogs and websites that I visit on a daily basis.  The only time that doesn’t happen is on the weekends and while I’m away on vacation. Today I went to some of my usual haunts and came across an article by LolaContinue reading “Afternoon Reading – Lola Rykiel for Harper’s Bazaar”

City Girl in Red Lipstick – France, Bettina Graziani, Model

Today’s post was going to be about skincare, going back to basics to be exact but I changed my mind. I finally was able to surf the net a little and came across  an article on  Bettina Graziani for Paris Vogue. I love discovering fashion icons of the 1950’s. Who was she? Only the mostContinue reading “City Girl in Red Lipstick – France, Bettina Graziani, Model”


Jungle Red by Nars is a  personal favorite that is being worn down to the nub.  If you guys haven’t seen the movie “The Women” that’s where the name for the iconic lipstick came from. I love that movie and watch it every other year or so. I’m a huge fan of 1930’s Films.  Why?Continue reading “JUNGLE RED by NARS”

How to Wear a Striped Tshirt

Reading The Edit by Net-A-Porter this afternoon I re-discovered my love of the striped t-shirt, made famous by Coco Chanel.  A classic staple in every chic closet. How do you wear one? Easy, with denim, pearls, ballet flats and red lipstick. A bit of trivia, did you know that the Breton Striped T-shirt has 21Continue reading “How to Wear a Striped Tshirt”

Le Episode of the Madeleine

I’ve become obsessed with Marcel Proust and Le episode of the Madeleine. So much so that I ordered a Madeleine tin and made sure I was fully stocked with the ingredients to make a batch of my own. Why? Because I enjoyed that chapter immensely and identified with him for the first time since beginningContinue reading “Le Episode of the Madeleine”

Run Around Chic –

I don’t know about you, but I love looking at online magazines, especially The Edit by I enjoy reading the articles by CHRISTA D’SOUZA and am always left inspired with a new way to wear the contents of my existing wardrobe. I just read her newest piece on Style Rethink, a combination of OffContinue reading “Run Around Chic –”