Friday Night – Date Night

Troya-Dinner After the hectic week we had, Mark and I planned a relaxed Friday evening.  We stayed local and tried a new restaurant named Troya, a Mediterranean inspired restaurant that served the most amazing food.

Being on my strict meal restrictions I was still able to indulge in a lovely dinner of  chicken and chickpea salad.  Mark opted for something more exotic and ordered the lamb kabobs.

He’s so patient with me, giving me time to photograph our meals before digging in, thank you honey!

BreakfastThe next morning we had breakfast at one of my favorite places, La Boulange Bakery.  I had the omelet with spinach, mushrooms, ham, swiss cheese and a side salad, again keeping with my desire to eat clean.

Mark not having to worry about his weight indulged in French toast, which he said was delicious.

The rest of my weekend turned into cleaning out my bedroom, where I took down two full bags of trash and clothes I just knew I was never going to wear again.

So, what did you guys do?



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