Le Episode of the Madeleine

photoI’ve become obsessed with Marcel Proust and Le episode of the Madeleine.

So much so that I ordered a Madeleine tin and made sure I was fully stocked with the ingredients to make a batch of my own.

Why? Because I enjoyed that chapter immensely and identified with him for the first time since beginning the book.  I had to get past page 15 to finally get into the story.

I missed buying these little beauties yesterday, which would have been fitting with it being Bastille Day, but better late than never.

I consider myself to be a literary snob, I am drawn to the classics and sometimes feel like I have been living under a rock when I discover a new book that has developed a cult following among my peers.

I’ve known of Marcel Proust, just never bothered to read his Remembrance of Things Past until Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea was reading The Captive.

She inspired me and now finally after having all 7 volumes in my possession am I starting to understand why Proust is hailed one of the greats of the literary world.

Enjoy Sofia’s Video for Lifestylemirror.com

So, what are you guys reading?



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