The Perfect Summer Duo – Besame Cosmetics

BesameMy New Tango Red from Besame Cosmetics arrived yesterday and I love it. I also received the Apricot Rouge that doubles as a cheek and lip tint for that perfect sun-kissed look.

The plus side is that these hues work on all skin tones and add the right amount of color.

The perfect duo for those lazy days of summer.




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3 thoughts on “The Perfect Summer Duo – Besame Cosmetics

  1. After our last exchange about your Besame lipsticks, I ordered two from Gloss48. They are so pretty! Their beauty balm is very nice, too. Thanks for pushing me over the edge!

    1. I’m a little OCD with my cosmetics. I do rotate (but I don’t hold myself from reaching back for a particular shade!). LOL. Hope your Saturday is great!

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