How Many Shades of Red Do You Have?

RedsI can’t keep track anymore, they are all gorgeous and work with my complexion and pearly whites.

I try not to get fixated on anyone color, but sometimes that happens.

I’m searching for a new red, does anyone have any suggestions?


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8 thoughts on “How Many Shades of Red Do You Have?

  1. I have many red lipsticks. Have your tried lime crimes glamour 101 or retrofyturistic. Or their velvetine lipsticks. Also I am loving Macs all fired up .just bought it..or occ nsfw

    1. Limecrime and occ have websites but occ is sold at sephora. I buy all limecrime items at imats. I may not always comment but I do read your post.

  2. My favorites are Viva Glam Rihanna and Russian Red from MAC. I also love Fifth Avenue Red by Revlon; it’s more of a brick red than the other two, which are blue-based.

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