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quote-nature-gives-you-the-face-you-have-at-twenty-life-shapes-the-face-you-have-at-thirty-but-at-fifty-coco-chanel-340142Ladies, taking care of your skin and your health are important, and the younger you are when you start the better off you’re going to be.

Listen to me when I tell you this, age is not your friend.  The only reason why some women look great at 40, 50 etc is because they started with a skin and health regimen early on in the game. It’s true, you are what you eat. 

You also need to get age appropriate with your skincare regimen, and listen to older people when they give you beauty and health advice.

I wish I had started being healthier 10 years ago, I would be in a different place right now if I had listened. But it’s never too late to turn back father time, even if it’s by 5 minutes.

But aging gracefully is the key, it’s getting plenty of sleep, drinking plenty of water, seeking professional help to get the ball rolling and getting on a skincare regimen that promotes healthy skin. It’s eating a healthy and sensible diet too! My lunches have consisted of raw veggies with hummus or blue cheese dipping sauce. I need to help myself as much as I can.

It’s about not being lazy and just doing it.  My sister bought me a fitbit for my birthday, did you guys know that for an average person to either maintain weight or lose weight you need a minimum of 10,000 thousand steps a day?  In my case, it’s to lose weight and it will be increased once I reach my desired weight because I love to eat good food, plus I’ll be used to those 10,000 thousand steps by then hopefully.

How are you improving your health?




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