Ellen Barkin on Violet Grey

via VioletGrey.com

I love Ellen Barkin, I have always enjoyed her work and her taste in jewelery. Last year The Legion of Honor was hosting a Cartier Exhibit and her precious baubles were on display, gorgeous can’t describe the pieces.

This morning Violet Grey.com featured Barkin in a tell-all (sort of) interview and I have to say we have a lot in common and would get along if we ever met.


I agree with her, I’ve never been into younger men, I have always preferred older men, men I can admire, respect and learn from.  This might be because I have a good relationship with my father, for all of my short comings there is not one insecure bone in my body.

Ms. Barkin may not wear red lipstick during daily activities, but she’s one fearless femme fatale.

For the full interview @VioletGrey.com


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