The Importance of Healthy Skin

Caroline Issa
Caroline Issa

Ladies never under estimate the power of healthy skin.  Caroline Issa, Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea and Julia Restoin Roitfeld are living examples I try my best to emulate.

Caroline Issa via

Why? Because as we get older we would rather be out and about exploring the world and end up shifting our priorities. Demanding careers, motherhood and the pressures of family and relationships come into play.  Not to mention self-confidence, it’s just another perk.

These thoughts came to mind today because although I’ve seen pictures of Sofia and Julia all dolled out, I rarely see photos of Caroline Issa in well applied full-blown makeup, come to think of it not many exist or get published in my online media searches.

Carolina shows us that it’s okay to walk out of our door bare-faced, or with a light BB cream and touch of crimson and not much else.

Remember that makeup is supposed to enhance our features, not cover our skin like a mask.

Personally since I had been dealing with eye issues, I’ve become accustomed to skipping mascara, I’m okay now if I’m running late and I just skip it entirely every so often.

What about you?

For the article that inspired this post

P.s She’s one of us!


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