My Morning Reds

FullSizeRenderWell, how many of you travel with every single shade of crimson you own? I only travel with my two recent favorites but found myself this morning wanting a change. What did I do? I looked around for reds I just wasn’t wearing, because that happens once I find a shade that I can’t be separated from.

I picked up my Red lipstick pencil by Lipstick Queen and my Red Haute by Lancome, however I did reapply after lunch with my Red Red by Butter London.

What about you guys?


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26 thoughts on “My Morning Reds

    1. I couldn’t decide I like loads, but I love dark shades. Can’t remember the name of my favorite, it’s a Rimmel London one though xxx

    1. I like darker shades, but don’t forget that red lipstick should make your teeth look whiter and skin brighter – I love Nars Cruella but I realized it made my teeth look yellowish. Now grant it I had not had my teeth whitened in awhile, and have since so I think I’ll give it another go. What did you get?

  1. I am currently traveling with Nars Dragon Girl, Sephora Hot Tango, Marc Jacobs Oh Miley, and YSL Rouge Pur Couture in No 11 not to mention three red lip pencils (MAC Cherry, Sephora The red and Nars Nihwatu)

  2. I am actually not traveling anywhere – these are what I have been keeping in my purse throughout the workday. The funny thing is I never used to carry this many reds 🙂

    1. Cute! Let me see what I have in mine, I have Nars Jungle Red lip pencil, Red Red by Butter London and Nars Dragon Girl, although I wore Nars Mysterious Red this morning….I usually only carry the lipstick I’m actually wearing during the day : ” )

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