City Girl in Red Lipstick, New York, Jaqueline Diedam, Designer, Illustrator

Courtesy of Jackie Diedam
Courtesy of Jackie Diedam

Once again my love of design, illustration and red lipstick led  to my discovery of  Jackie Diedam on instagram. I’m glad I did, as  I discovered a new shade of Orange-red I’m dying to try.

In-between projects Jackie graciously agreed to share her joys of discovering crimson and I’m sure some of you felt the same way she did, at first.

” I used to hate red lipsticks, until I found out how to wear them in a fresh way. I love shades that are not discreet like orange-reds, because it brings all the attention to my face in a bold and confident way.”  – Jackie Diedam

Lips in Rio Rio
Rio Rio

In this image Jackie is wearing George, from Troi Olivierre Beauty and another favorite is Rio Rio from Topshop.

George $28
George $28

Basically, it’s go all-out or go-home!

I think we all agree with Jackie and she’s one Citygirl in Red Lipstick!


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