CityGirl in Red Lipstick, New York City, Lola Burnstein-Rykiel, Wife, Writer, Founder of Le Chocolet Noir & Fashion Icon

I first discovered Lola surfing the world-wide web, falling instantly in-love with her words, I always looked forward to her articles on Harper’s BazaarIMG_1832-1-1. Her stories  instantly transported me to another world, where friendships were made over love, fashion and cultural entertainment, my soul was nourished with inspiration and continues to be as I follow Lola on Instagram.

The very essence of chic runs through Lola’s veins, being the grand-daughter of Sonia Rykiel, and having been raised in Paris one can’t help but admire her casual approach to fashion, everything is tre’s chic.

I especially love it when she’s wearing our favorite hue, and it’s true Lola, when in doubt choose red.

Lola is one CityGirl in Red Lipstick, Bisou!


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