Pandemic Reds

Honestly, I don’t know who has been wearing lipstick lately, or even a crimson shade for that matter. However I could not resist and had to order a few. I just hope the shades I had in rotation before the pandemic haven’t dried out, I’m afraid to find out. First on the list is Pop and Red by Victoria Beckham, I am thrilled she actually has three shades of red, but this was my favorite.

Posh Kits by Victoria Beckham

Another fun gimmick is that Chanel now allows for virtual lipstick try-ons, so cool. I knew Rouge Triomphal was a winner before trying it on, but I ended up trying on every shade in the New Rouge Allure Velvet le Lion– I love how they added a little Lion motif on the tip of the lipstick.

I did purchase another Surratt lipstick in Alluring, but I am too lazy to go upstairs and take another photo.

Any new shades?


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