Feels So Grand By Mac

Alright, I read about this color and since there is a Mac boutique on Fillmore it wasn’t hard to walk-in. I tried the color and instantly fell in love.  Ladies, I’ve become obsessed. I’ve been wearing it everyday for the past few weeks. The red is a true red, it wears well, not too dryingContinue reading “Feels So Grand By Mac”


New Red Lipstick to Try: Vivid Tomato Red

This lipstick seems like it’s worth investigating. The color looks matte, deep and rich. It also looks like it would be great for all skin types. I just wonder if it has staying power. If anyone knows red it’s Dita Von Teese. Again, if you try it before I do, let me know. Happy NewContinue reading “New Red Lipstick to Try: Vivid Tomato Red”

A Sheer Crimson to Try – By Wander Beauty

Finally my weeks calmed down and I can go back to focusing on more important matters, like discovering new shades of crimson. I’ve always been tempted to wear a sheer hue, but alas I look better in mattes. What do you guys think? For the complete story @harpersbazaar.com

Crimson Pouts at Jason Wu Spring 2016

I pinched this photo from @Netaporter’s instagram account. It’s nice to see Red Lipstick continue to be a lip color appreciated by the fashion industry. I know that celebrity makeup artist Jezz Hill is working behind the scenes, wonder which red they chose? Doesn’t it look pretty? Jason Wu Spring 2016

Royal News – A Royal Red Lipstick

I knew the Queen wore red lipstick and today to my joy I learned that Queen Elizabeth had commissioned a Royal Red Lipstick to match her Coronation Robes. It’s an exclusive shade, one we aren’t likely to get our hands on, but definitely worth dreaming about. For the full article @telegraph.co.uk

Gorgeous Reds – Smashbox

I know, I’ve been MIA but to my defense I’ve had a lot going on. I’ve been going out on various interviews for a new day job to pay the rent and provide me with extra income to continue to keep adding to my red lipstick collection. While I’ve been busy with that I’ve encounteredContinue reading “Gorgeous Reds – Smashbox”

My Birthday Reds

Nothing like receiving a few great reds for your birthday. I had to pick up another Dragon Girl, it just one of the most flattering reds I’ve tried. I finally added Vesuvio to the rotations and found a bargain with ELF Cosmetics. Nars: Vesuvio Nars: Dragon Girl ELF Cosmetics: Rich Red Any new crimsons inContinue reading “My Birthday Reds”

There’s a New Red in Town – IT Girl by It Cosmetics

The texture is just like butter, lips are hydrated, plump and moist. The shade is gorgeous and I’ll say this is one perfect shade of red. It was literally love-at-first-sight. The scent is intoxicating and the color is simply gorgeous. This is part of their Blurred Lines Lip Collection, there are 9 shades in all,Continue reading “There’s a New Red in Town – IT Girl by It Cosmetics”