Citygirl in Red Lipstick, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Maria Laura, Wife, Mommy and Travel, Art & Fashion Aficionado

One of my best friends on Instagram is Malala Artola @ohlala_malala. I enjoy her insta-stories and posts about her endless travels, love of art and fashion inspiration. She also runs the hottest club in Buenos Aires, Club Newman, these are posts about her adorable children who can teach us all a thing or two aboutContinue reading “Citygirl in Red Lipstick, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Maria Laura, Wife, Mommy and Travel, Art & Fashion Aficionado”

It’s a Cherry Symphony by Lancome

Juicy Shakers by  Lancome are available in various colors.  The formulation is the first of its kind, it’s Pigment Infused Bi-Phased Lip Oil  that drenches lips in glorious color. Perfect for summer weather, lips will be hydrated, healthy and happy. I like to apply this over my matte shades and this is definitely coming withContinue reading “It’s a Cherry Symphony by Lancome”

New Patent Finish Lip Color – Tom Ford

I love discovering new shades of crimson and we recently tried Tom Ford’s New Patent Finish Lip Color. There are 8 luscious shades in all, just in case you want to try something other than our favorite hue. This new formula combines the best of two worlds,  a lip stain with an ultra-glossy finish.  Continue reading “New Patent Finish Lip Color – Tom Ford”

New Red Lipstick to Try: Vivid Tomato Red

This lipstick seems like it’s worth investigating. The color looks matte, deep and rich. It also looks like it would be great for all skin types. I just wonder if it has staying power. If anyone knows red it’s Dita Von Teese. Again, if you try it before I do, let me know. Happy NewContinue reading “New Red Lipstick to Try: Vivid Tomato Red”