Detoxing – The 2nd Day

via Emerson Fry
via Emerson Fry

I lost over 30 pounds by detoxing and juicing, plus making conscious food choices. Then I began enjoying gluten free bread a bit too much and other freshly baked goods from “Sift” and “Susie Cakes”.

With too many birthdays and holidays I realized I was in danger of gaining my weight back, so far I maintained it, with a few extra pounds give or take.

I make my own green juices, but don’t make much of anything else.  So, to jump start my detoxing week and after I first made some of my green juices, but this time I added grapefruit to the recipe as it aids in removing grease/oil from the body.

photocancancleanseMy sisters and I order cleanses from Can Can Cleanse and it’s convenient because they have a pick up location right around the corner from our house.  We also sometimes buy the juices a la cart, since I only make green juices. The great concept behind Can Can Cleanse is portion control and that you can modify your beverages to adjust to your schedule.

Yesterday was my first day, I had over 3 liters of water, green tea, green juice, a detox cucumber soup and grapefruit juice with water. I also take my vitamins and went to bed early.  So far so good.

Today I started with my lemon water and dash of cayenne pepper, then my lemon tumeric juice and you get the drift.

My plans are to do a water fast and add green tea if I can’t cope.

What about you guys, have you thought about a cleanse?

Le Weekend – Sonoma

photo-1fireplaceI don’t know about you guys, but extensive travel for me these past few years has been out of the question, I just simple don’t have the budget for European excursions.

However my sisters and I made it to Sonoma this past weekend, it started off just being a visit to the annual Bottle Rock concert. However being in Sonoma is a reason to visit some of California’s best winary’s, such as Ram’s Gate.

photo-3The place is beautiful, so beautiful that you actually want to live there and never leave.

Plus the menu and offerings are affordable and vary from Flight Tasting to Picnic’s for two. We made reservations for the “Palate Play”, a wine tour and a mouth watering experience.


We ended up going to Bottle Rock afterwards and enjoyed music by The Cure and the next day stopped off at Angelo’s Deli for mouth watering sandwiches and his renowned Garlic Salsa.

Being in Sonoma there are various fruit stands and we stopped off and picked up our farm-to-table produce for our week of detoxing.


I’m detoxing all week this week, stay tuned!

So, how was your weekend?

Memorial Day Weekend


Thank goodness San Francisco is a foodie town, with new restaurants opening up weekly, there is always a new place to visit and discover.

Besides spending part of my Memorial Day weekend with my boyfriend, Mark.  I became obsessed with sandwiches from 4505 Burgers & BBQ, Iron Side and  Bun Mee.

I was starving when I was at 4505 and forgot to take a picture of my burger, and the same thing happened when Mark took me to dinner  and we ordered the Po’boy fried shrimp sandwich at Iron Side. Both places served  soul-food cuisine, and everything was free-ranged or farm-to-table.

photo-3Since I found myself alone part of the three-day weekend I finally took myself out to Bun Mee, a Vietnamese Sandwich shop, and because of the three-day weekend it wasn’t packed.

I ordered the steak sandwich and sweet potatoe fries. I loved it!

Afterwards I took myself to see Neighbors with Seth Rogen and Zac Efron.  A very funny movie that also featured Dave Franco.

So, what did you guys do?