On My Wish List – Brazilian Jewels

SJP Vogue

My sister Wendy and I have been fashion magazine and catalog junkies since we were in our teens, with our favorite magazines being the European versions like British Elle, Paris Vogue etc.

Why? Because they are ahead of whatever is going on around here, including beauty, music, literature, film and jewelery.


Wendy is a jewelery aficionado and receives all of the jewelery catalogs from H.Stern, Pommaleto etc.

We sometimes play a game by choosing which items we would love to receive as gifts.  This is how I discovered the Brazilian Jewels by H.Stern, they are referred to as Brazilian Jewels because they are mined there.


If you don’t know what type of necklace this is, just look at Anna Wintour or SJP.


I’ve been dying to buy a strand and know that there is a luxury store in England that sells them by the strand for like about $1500 depending on the size and stone. But I’ll have to go back and look at the December magazines again.

However if that’s not within your budget you can pick one up from J.Crew.

I love how Anna wears multiple strands and how SJP is wearing hers under her sweater with a strand of pearls.

What do you guys think?

Outfit Inspirations – Harper & Harley

via Harper&Harley Pinterest
via Harper&Harley Pinterest

I plan on buying a pair of pumps that I can wear with jeans a Tshirt and either a cardigan or blazer.


I have on my wish-list a pair of New Balance sneakers….but have been debating about the color combination.

However I stick to black, grey and white too and love this blog by Harper&Harley.com

Inspiration Boards

photoI don’t have a mood board that helps me create, but I do have an inspiration board that inspires my choice of clothing every morning.

Do I look just like these women? No, but I try and find inspiration from every single one of them.

What item do you pick out first in the morning? I used to pick out my handbag first, but now I pick out my cardigan and everything else falls into place.