~ Totally Transforming Eyeshadow Primer ~

  This little pot is a miracle!  It covered everything I wanted covered, I played with eye color and it kept it in place all day.  This is the first eye primer I’ve ever tried and I’m glad my experience was a good one.   Totally Transforming Eyeshadow Primer is powerful, a tiny dab will coverContinue reading “~ Totally Transforming Eyeshadow Primer ~”

~ Gorgeous Eyes ~

  I usually don’t wear eye shadow, but I made the exception and tried these beautiful shades by Senna Cosmetics.  Part of the reason I don’t wear eye shadow is because I wear red lipstick, but there are occasions when I’m sporting a different lip color.    I tried eye colors in – Lynx, Python andContinue reading “~ Gorgeous Eyes ~”

~ Senna Cosmetics ~

  I was hesitant when I saw this lipstick color, but now that I’m testing products I discovered that I was to closed-minded in my makeup choices, it was time to branch out and try new colors.   I applied the lipstick easily, and without a lip pencil.  I sat there in front of the mirror playing with theContinue reading “~ Senna Cosmetics ~”