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Heartbreaker Lipstick by Senna Cosmetics


I was hesitant when I saw this lipstick color, but now that I’m testing products I discovered that I was to closed-minded in my makeup choices, it was time to branch out and try new colors.  

I applied the lipstick easily, and without a lip pencil.  I sat there in front of the mirror playing with the color, each time achieving a different shade.  I especially loved how the natural light reflected from the jewel tone color of the lipstick enhancing my complexion. Plus the lipstick smelled like Tahitian Vanilla – yummy!  

Heartbreaker is a berry red, a more natural red for those of us beginning to explore the possibilities of wearing RED.     

Senna cosmetics is the brainchild of celebrity makeup artist, and Emmy award nominee Eugenia Watson.  Working in television taught Eugenia how lighting, fashion and makeup intersect.  I’ts about Beauty – Illusion – Transformation.  

Senna Cosmetics is for women who want to look younger and more beautiful but don’t have time to sit in front of the mirror.  The pigments are blendable and easy to apply.  The colors look great in artificial and natural light.  This explains why Heartbreaker looked amazing all day!   

I’m excited about trying the Mineral Mix – an advanced mineral makeup collection – but that’s another blog!  

HeartBreaker Red get’s a TEN!  

Senna lipsticks come in three formulas:  

1) Cream Glow – Vibrant Glow, Metallic Effects  

11 shades to choose from  

2) Creamy Lipstick – Full bodied Creamy Texture, Hydrating  

11 shades to choose from  

3) Sheer Lipstick  spf 15 – Glistening, Hydrating and Protective  

21 shades to choose from  


Experience the difference, transform your style –  with Senna Cosmetics.  

Senna Cosmetics sold in select locations: 1-800-537-3662  

or online  



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