Red Lipstick to Consider – Legendary by SmashBox

Legendary by SmashBox
Legendary by SmashBox

I love, love reading articles that help guide women in their pursuit of finding their perfect shade of red.  I also love the fact that my rules to wearing red is my most popular blog post and get’s a lot of hits a day.

Anyway, I found another article and thought Legendary by SmashBox was a good contender for our red lipstick rotations, however it does work best with light olive skin.

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matching-redWhy oh why do people keep equating wearing red lipstick and matching your manicure as retro-glam? It’s not, it’s just chic and timeless.

Crimson Lips and matching nails is just good taste, period. It’s not a fad that comes and goes, the only reason why my tips aren’t red is because if I chip a nail I’ll freak out, after all I’m not 6 anymore.

I can assure you that my pedicure is always red, and my pout usually is too.

How about you?

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