Protecting Your Skin – New Polyphenols 15 by Caudalie

Can I just say that I love the New Caudalie Polyphenol C15 collection.  I’ve noticed that my skin is smoother, pores are more minimized and skin is glowing. Too bad I’m suffering from eye allergies, otherwise I would be completely happy. What makes this collection special is that it’s affordable, and delivers it’s promise ofContinue reading “Protecting Your Skin – New Polyphenols 15 by Caudalie”


Beauty Fluids – Caudalie

No one wakes up with glowing skin every morning, we have to account for travel, late nights accidental dehydration, climate change and the list goes on and on. What do I use in the event of a skin emergency? I pull out my Caudalie beauty fluids.  They really aren’t called that, but it’s the nameContinue reading “Beauty Fluids – Caudalie”