Close to Crimson – New LYS Rouge by Dior

Rouge Dior Baum in LYS
Rouge Dior Baum in LYS

It’s not really a true red, but it has hints of red. However all 14 shades look pretty and this lipstick is supposed to have superior hydrating benefits.

Lipstick is supposed to glide on with perfection at every stroke.

If anyone tries it before I do, do tell.


New Dior Ads & Jennifer Lawrence

Via Huffington Post
Via Huffington Post

Some people may describe these new Dior ads as boring, but I find them elegant, charming and chic.

Basically all you need is a little black dress, healthy skin and Red Lipstick.  Let’s not forget the handbag, Dior anyone?

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Blazing Red by Dior


It’s been awhile since a red lipstick caused heart papuations and then I met Blazing Red by Dior. The shade is an orange based red, the pigment is matte and the texture moisturizing.
I tried on at least 10 different shades of red until I fell madly in-love.

Looks like I’ll be content until the next quest for the perfect shade of red continues…

Here’s to Blazing Red!

Gorgeous Makeup – Crimson Pouts and Healthy Skin

I’m usually against lots of eye-makeup, but not in this particular case. When makeup is applied correctly it can look  beautiful, usually you’re supposed to keep your makeup pallet minimal when wearing a bold red lip, but this just looks stunning. Gorgeous makeup can even make under-eye circles look pretty.

Here’s to well-applied cosmetics!

Marion Cotillard, Dior & Red Lipstick


Doesn’t Marion Cotillard look stunning on the first cover of the New Dior magazine? I just wish I knew what shade of red lipstick she was wearing, simply beautiful.

I just took a quick peek at the New Online Dior magazine and can’t wait to go back when I have more time to play.

For those of you that do, here is the link:

P.s if you happen to find out which shade of Dior Red she’s wearing, please let us know.