A Red to Consider – Stalker by Lip Tar

rita-ora-promo_thelavalizardFlipping through the pages of my favorite magazines, I stumbled upon a section dedicated to the beauty products celebrities use when they’re off-duty.

ltstalker_0Not only does Rita Ora wear crimson pouts for photo shoots and red carpet events, but she wears Stalker by Lip Tar when she’s going-at-it-alone.

Look’s like I’m going to have to visit Sephora.

Holy Grail of Crimson?

Over at Elle this morning they mentioned another shade of crimson that seems to be the perfect red?

elle-guerlain-rouge-g-de-mdnI repeat, there is more than one shade for everyone, no two shades are alike and personally I get bored with having 8 shades in my rotations, lucky for me I received the New Armani 400 yesterday and I’m wearing it today.

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