Red Lipstick to Consider – Restless By Estée Lauder

1434993085-hbz-kendall-estee-embedThis shade looks like it’s worth checking out.  It’s bright and matte plus it looks like it will look pretty on all skin tones.

It’s also a personal favorite of Kendall Jenners, I happen to like her, but that’s not the main reason I gravitated towards it.

I like it because it looks gorgeous on her and it might look gorgeous on me too.

Either way it’s a sure indication that we will all do it justice.


A Red to Consider – Scarlet Siren by Estee Lauder

via Google Images
via Google Images

Always being on the look-out for a new crimson I came across a recommended shade for dark brunettes, Scarlet Siren by Estee Lauder.

I’ll be keeping my eyes open for this one.


Here’s to Red Lipstick!