Holiday gift ideas w/ First Aid Beauty

Courtesy of First Aid Beauty

First Aid Beauty creates the ultimate travel companion, where was this amazing kit on my trip to Rome last year?  The Holiday Essentials kit is filled with:  A Face Cleanser, Daily Face Cream, Gentle Body Wash and their famous Body Moisturizer

These travel goodies are packed with hydrating and soothing properties that help preserve and protect our skin. 
First Aid Beauty products help calm redness, skin irritations and they are Allergy Tested, Fragrance-Free, No Parabens or Harsh Chemicals. 
I love having my dry skin nourished and restored.  The price is holiday friendly, you may just want one for yourself.
Available at Sephora

First Aid Beauty, Emergency Repair

Blemish Eraser

I suffer from adult acne and I’m always looking for products that help keep my acne under control.  I can’t always prevent acne, finding a solution that helps  reduce the damage is a miracle.

I recently discovered Blemish Eraser by First Aid Beauty.  It reduced the length of my acne breakout and did not cause irritation or excessive dry skin.

First Aid Beauty offers skincare basics, intense therapy, emergency care for common daily skin conditions.

Allergy tested, fragrance free, and no harsh chemicals.  Easy to use over the counter formulations, rescue your skin with First Aid Beauty.

Blemish Eraser gets a TEN!


available at Nordstrom

~ For the Life of Your Skin ~ First Aid Beauty

Ultra Repair Cream

I never thought I would say this, but I love this big tub of cream.  All my friends know I abuse beauty products and can’t follow directions to save my life.

I sometimes keep  facial masks on for longer then necessary.  The results are often severe dry skin.

My skin was recently rescued by First Aid Beauty, my skin immediately felt relief from dry, cracked and chapped skin. I was so happy my recent beauty mishap lasted 24 hours instead of the normal 72 hour turn around.

Ultra Repair Cream is intense therapy for dry, itchy, scaly skin due to eczema, cosmetic treatments, and harsh weather conditions.

The benefits are deep hydration, the skin is calmed and restored, providing immediate relief and signs of visible improvement.

This rich cream can be applied anywhere on the body, hands, feet, elbows and in my case my face.

If you suffer from beauty challenges like I do, then I recommend Ultra Repair Cream by First Aid Beauty.

Ultra Repair Cream by First Aid Beauty gets a TEN!

$28/ 6oz.