Red Lipstick – Baton

My friend Georges creates the most amazing packaging – he sent me this picture of a Red Lipstick, he knows I’m obsessed with Red –

the galenical  is  for a different shade of red to fit the different erosion speeds, the different layers of the product when using the lipstick, the tip, the point, the dark red part loses shape with less time that the less dark part so that the bias is kept this invention is a special galenical concept that permits other function as using 2 different product on same bar, keeping brand label on the materiel –

The stick is has allways a bias shape. This shape is made for applying product on the edge of lip.

When we use a lipstick, we apply a force stronger toward the side of tip so that the stick loses the bias shape.

So, this solution have hardest product onto the side of the tip for compensating this phenomenon so that we keep the bias in all the use cycle time.

Moreover, with this galenical solution we can have a lot of another unexpeted advantages and for other products as soap.

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