Moroccan Clay Purifying Mask by John Masters Organics

  John Masters Organics Moroccan Clay Mask is perfect for oily or combination skin.  I love that it helps balance the production of sebum and aids in the removal of toxins.  It’s also great for teenage skin. Key Ingredients: 1. Moroccan Clay – Absorbs oils and impurities. 2. Balsam Copaiba – is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. 3.Continue reading “Moroccan Clay Purifying Mask by John Masters Organics”

Treating thinning hair with John Masters Organics

Since I started using this magical elixir, I’ve noticed a positive change in my hairs overall appearance.  I suffer from fine thinning hair and need hair care products that are not only color safe but also treat my hair condition. Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment & Volumizer for Thinning hair offers a unique combination of 19 certified organic herbs andContinue reading “Treating thinning hair with John Masters Organics”

Nourishing your hair with John Masters Organics

I suffer from dry and frizzy hair, it’s the bane of my existence.  I love finding hair care products that deliver the promise of healthy hair.  I recently discovered John Masters Organics. I’m starting to believe that Organic beauty products are the way to go, especially when the results are instantly noticeable. Dry Hair Nourishment & Defrizzer by JohnContinue reading “Nourishing your hair with John Masters Organics”

Clarifying and Color Sealing your Hair

I tend to abuse hair care products, I’ve been searching for the Holy Grail and sometimes suffer from product buildup. I’m also constantly dying my roots and grey hair.  I recently discovered Herbal Cider Hair Clarifier & Color Sealer from John Masters Organics. I could feel the apple cider clean away my product buildup, notContinue reading “Clarifying and Color Sealing your Hair”

~ Soft & Luxurious Shiny Hair ~

   I’m in love with John Masters Organic Lavender & Avocado intensive hair conditioner.  It’s the first hair conditioner I used that left my hair manageable and gloriously soft.  I’ve looked everywhere for a conditioner that would leave my hair hydrated and moisturized.  Plus I love the light lavender scent, it calmed and soothed me afterContinue reading “~ Soft & Luxurious Shiny Hair ~”