Infinity Long-Wearing Luxurious Mascara by Luminess Air

I love Mascara, especially mascara that can transform my lashes into lush and dense luxurious lashes. Infinity Mascara by Luminess Air is made with a luxurious formulation that allows for buildable gorgeous lashes. My lashes were given superb definition and depth, the mascara was long-wearing and water-resistant.  I especially loved that it melted completely away whileContinue reading “Infinity Long-Wearing Luxurious Mascara by Luminess Air”


Radiant and Luminious Concealer by Luminess Air

I first heard about Luminess Air’s concealer flipping through the pages of my favorite magazine, New Beauty.  This magical conealer didn’t settle into my tiny laugh lines creating a flawless base for the rest of my makeup application. I loved that it concealed my tiny laugh lines, veins and blemishes.  My dark circles and shadows causedContinue reading “Radiant and Luminious Concealer by Luminess Air”