~ Luminous & Flawless Skin with Luminess Air ~

Luminess Air


I was skeptical at first about testing Luminess Air, I’m not a professional makeup artist and I didn’t know if I would be able to skillfully maneuver the airbrushing tool.      

The DVD that came with the directions was easy to follow, in a matter of minutes I mastered the art of airbrushing.       

I sat in front of the makeup mirror admiring my results, my skin was flawless, smooth and my adult acne, tiny red veins and hyperpigmentation scars were concealed!     

My tiny laugh lines and wrinkles were minimized, Luminess Air gave me a more natural and youthful glow in a matter of minutes.     

Luminess Air is used by the beauty industries top professional makeup artists in Film, TV and Print, now we know why our favorite celebrities always have flawless and amazing skin.    

Luminess Air used to be a beauty insider trade secret and now it’s available to everyone – there are different airbrushing kits available for every price point, and Luminess Air offers  unique payment options, making it affordable to beginners and professional makeup artists alike.    

I was so thrilled with my results I wanted to share my newest beauty secret with everyone, and couldn’t wait to beauty blog about my experience with Luminess Air.   

Luminess Air gets a TEN!     


Available through  Neiman Marcus Online


Published by Anita Rivas

Founder, Writer& Editor of www.citygirlinredlipstick.com and www.mylifeinbeauty.com - you can also find me on www.examiner.com

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