Miranda Kerr, Net-A-Porter & The Body Beautiful

Everyone knows by now how much i admire Miranda Kerr, she always looks amazing.  She’s the gorgeous healthy girl next door.  Her skin is always glowing, and it’s not just because she wears red lipstick or use’s organic skincare, it’s because she takes care of her health and has her greens. I nearly fainted whenContinue reading “Miranda Kerr, Net-A-Porter & The Body Beautiful”

Gillete Venus Step Up & Step Out Tour – Featuring Miranda Kerr

Ladies if you were wondering if you could wear your favorite shade of crimson with the color of the moment, yes you can.  Spotted on Miranda Kerr at the Gillete Venus Step Up & Step Out Tour was a spring yellow dress and her signature red lip. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

Miranda Kerr’s Favorite Drugstore Red Lipstick – Revlon Colorstay Liquid Lipstick, Top Tomato

Who doesn’t have a girl-crush on Miranda Kerr? I read every fashion or beauty article that mentions her Beauty Regimen or Off-Duty Wardrobe, she always looks flawless. In the Beauty Bazaar section  by Emily Listfield, Miranda shares with us one of her favorite drugstore finds, Revlon Colorstay Liquid Lipstick in Top Tomato. This is oneContinue reading “Miranda Kerr’s Favorite Drugstore Red Lipstick – Revlon Colorstay Liquid Lipstick, Top Tomato”

Miranda Kerr & Chanel Rouge Coco Lipshine in Rebelle

I’ve developed a girl-crush on Miranda Kerr.  This happened because Miranda is not only a fashion icon, but because she’s a Red Lipstick devotee and recently gave me an idea. The next time I find myself inside of Barneys or Neiman’s I am headed straight for the Chanel counter. “This is the perfect sheer redContinue reading “Miranda Kerr & Chanel Rouge Coco Lipshine in Rebelle”

Beauty Inspiration – Miranda Kerr

Lately I’ve been crushing on Miranda Kerr, it’s not because she’s gorgeous, but because she understands fashion and isn’t intimidated to wear Red Lipstick.  Her handsome husband also doesn’t mind, a bonus. I love her effortless style, and the fact that she wears the items she loves more than once, a girl after my ownContinue reading “Beauty Inspiration – Miranda Kerr”