ELLIS FAAS – Exclusive for Net-A-Porter

ELLIS FAASI love early birthday presents, thank you! I eagerly opened up the box like a little girl and was so excited over the amazing colours. Especially the Hot Lips L401, I immediately applied the color over my Dragon Girl and am in love!

cb01e4d9-ac8a-4e44-9d98-221065542c04It’s like an orange-red that can be deepened for a darker-red. I may not be describing it right and trust me, my picture is not doing it justice.

All three shades are perfect for summer and after summer. I thought about applying the color to my hand to show you, but even then it wouldn’t do it justice.


*The set contains:
  • Milky Lips L207, Nude Pink: high-pigment lipstick with an incredibly lightweight feel
  • Glazed Lips L304, Sheer Orange: super high-shine gloss
  • Hot Lips L401, Bright Red: pigment-rich formula with a non-greasy finish
  • long-wearing, paraben-free, packed with pigment, moisturising Candalila Wax and Vitamin E, and of course no animal testing, because these products are “Only Tested On Supermodels”.
I have never been so in-love over a new shade of red like I am right now. The pigment is comfortable, non-drying and just gorgeous for this Leo girl.
You can purchase the colours individually or keep an eye out at Net-A-Porter.



How to Wear a Striped Tshirt

Breton Striped Tee's
Breton Striped Tee’s

Reading The Edit by Net-A-Porter this afternoon I re-discovered my love of the striped t-shirt, made famous by Coco Chanel. dior

A classic staple in every chic closet.

How do you wear one? Easy, with denim, pearls, ballet flats and red lipstick.


A bit of trivia, did you know that the Breton Striped T-shirt has 21 stripes, one for every one of Napoleon’s victories?

Something else, I’m a huge history connoisseur, especially when it comes to Napoleon.

I own various striped tees, but not one of these.

Anyway, these are on my list.



Miranda’s New Favorite Red Lipstick – China Beach by Le Metier De Beaute

via Cocosteaparty.com
via Cocosteaparty.com

It’s no secret that I’ve been girl-crushing on Miranda Kerr and want whatever she’s having, from vitamins, skincare and red lipstick.

My delight this morning was reading Miranda’s Topshelf on Intothegloss.com, and finding out she had a new favorite red lipstick she discovered on Net-a-Porter.com.

China Beach looks like a bright pink-red that would work with a variety of skintones.

China Beach$40


Here’s to discovering new shades of crimson!

Miranda Kerr, Net-A-Porter & The Body Beautiful

mirandakerr_december12012Everyone knows by now how much i admire Miranda Kerr, she always looks amazing.  She’s the gorgeous healthy girl next door.  Her skin is always glowing, and it’s not just because she wears red lipstick or use’s organic skincare, it’s because she takes care of her health and has her greens.

I nearly fainted when I finally got around to looking at my favorite blogs and one of them happens to be The Magazine by Net-A-Porter.  This week they are featuring Miranda and she filmed an adorable video letting us in on her favorite smoothie.

For those of you that haven’t started a healthy juice or smoothie regimen, this just might inspire you!

To read the interview @Netaporter.com

Parisian Beauty is Pared-Back Makeup & Red Lipstick

Clemence Poesy wearing a classic black dress and signature redvia Google Images
Clemence Poesy wearing a classic black dress and signature red
via Google Images

I love Net-a-Porter’s Magazine The Edit: read below an excert dedicated to French Beauty.

Pared-Back Makeup:

“Understatement sits at the very core of French style – the only exception being red lipstick. Foundations and concealers are used, but applied with discipline. “The Parisienne look has a very natural finish,” says the brains behind Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic Touche Éclat, French makeup artist Terry de Gunzburg. “I layer hyaluronic [water-based] products to achieve a ‘no makeup’ look. They hydrate and plump skin, and also reduce the lines that give away the signs of a woman’s age.”

For More @netaporter.com