City Girl in Red Lipstick – Taylor Schilling

via Tina Turnbow
via Tina Turnbow

I love it when celebrities embrace red lipstick.  It’s a bold-look-at-me-color that demands attention.

Taylor Schilling from “Orange is the New Black” is wearing one of my all time favorite shades, Dragon Girl by Nars.

Can you guess who did her flawless makeup application? None other than celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow.

But look closely at the details, Taylor has gorgeous skin and looks amazing.

This is proof that Dragon Girl by Nars is pretty much a universal shade of crimson.  It’s worn by blonds, brunettes and redheads.

Have you tried it yet?

Tina Turnbow Turns Up the Heat In Red

Tina TurnbowOver the weekend Tina Turnbow attended her good friend Taylor Shilling’s birthday party(Of Orange is the New Black) and we got to see this makeup guru look amazing, her makeup was perfection and her choice of red lipstick was gorgeous!

So gorgeous that I had to know what she was wearing.  So for those of you that are trying to live a more organic or natural lifestyle, pay attention.

The two items she used were all natural:

Lip liner by Dr. Hauschka in Garnet and lip gloss by Benencos in Kiss Me.

Tina chose these because the hues are deeply pigmented and you can purchase these beauties at Whole Foods.

By the way, Happy belated birthday Taylor!