April’s Red – Yeah Right by TopShop

Lip Paint_Yeah Right (Open)More of a lip gloss that fades to a pretty pink. The fading color looks natural and pretty.

I applied another favorite red of mine on top for a different look and my results are a more natural looking red.

The pigment is long-lasting, long-wearing and sort of resembles a stain once the initial red fades away.

I like this for a great top coat or base for your signature red of the day.

$16  @Topshop.com


Rio Rio by TopShop Cosmetics for the Holidays

Courtesy of TopShop Cosmetics
Everyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with Red Lipstick – especially a Red so gorgeous it reminds me of taking a vacation.
My recent travels have yet to take me to Rio – this Holiday Season I can dream of a warm tropical climate with Rio Rio by Topshop Cosmetics.
I loved the silky texture, the lipstick was hydrating and moisturizing.  My lips stayed soft and kissable all afternoon, and I didn’t have to reapply after morning coffee.
A gorgeous Satin Matte lipstick that leaves your lips hydrated and nourished throughout the day – available in 6 luscious shades.
Rio Rio by TopShop gets a TEN!

DareDevil Red by Topshop Cosmetics

Courtesy of TopShop Cosmetics
I’m obsessed with Red Lipstick, and have always admired Vivien Leigh, Dolores del Rio, Ginger Rogers and Betty Davis.
I associated gorgeous Red Lips with strong independent women, who knew what they wanted and went out after it.
I know that Red Lipstick can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be, it’s all in the application and trying on as many reds as possible.
Recently TopShop came out with a makeup line that includes gorgeous red lipsticks.  I’ve worn DareDevil Red for the past few days and received many compliments.
Not only are my lips pretty, but they stayed hydrated and nourished throughout the day.
A great way to make a fashion statement this fall without breaking the bank.
DareDevil Red by TopShop gets a TEN!

The Flame burns bright w/ Topshop

Courtesy of TopShop Cosmetics
I love new makeup innovations, TopShop created a unique lipstick that resembles a chubby pencil.  The pencil was easy to use, I simply defined my lips and filled in with the gorgeous color.
Call me old-fashioned, but when wearing Red Lipstick I prefer a matching lip pencil.
I usually run around the cosmetic department searching endlessly for that perfect lipstick and lip pencil combination.  Topshop helps take the guess work  out of the equation for those of us that  prefer a matching lip pencil with our Red Lipstick.
This amazing lipstick provides hydration throughout the day while making it easy on those mornings when you’re rushing to get out the door.
Available in 3 gorgeous shades