SJP – The Video for Vogue

I know she doesn’t wear crimson, but I adore her.  I’m hoping the rumor that Sex & the City number 3 is true.  Lately when I find myself home alone and with nothing to do I watch the series again and realize that everything they discussed and wore is still relevant today. I found thisContinue reading “SJP – The Video for Vogue”

Red Lipstick Quotes – Mary Greenwell, Vogue, UK

Red Lipstick Is An Important Colour ‘Red lipstick is an important colour! Do not follow fashion when it comes to red lipstick – find the one that suits you. Test red shades on your fingertips to see the colour, then when you find the colour you like, test it on your mouth.’ – Mary GreenwellContinue reading “Red Lipstick Quotes – Mary Greenwell, Vogue, UK”