Beauty Profile w/ Melissa Croland of Youngblood Cosmetics

  Melissa Croland comes from a very eclectic background. After graduating from the University of Illinois at Chicago in Communications and Marketing, she began her professional career in the music industry. She landed a position with recording artist Kid Rock, where she learned the tricks of the trade and led her to Los Angeles. Once she arrivedContinue reading “Beauty Profile w/ Melissa Croland of Youngblood Cosmetics”

Crimson for the Holidays w/ Youngblood Cosmetics

My favorite shades, and just in time for the Holidays.  The gorgeous colors remind me of cherries, grapes and luscious plums. From metallic reds, deep garnets and lively rubies there is a shade of red for everyone. From left to right: Mystere, Vixen, Bistro and Spicy Kranberry – all equally my favorite.  Although I have aContinue reading “Crimson for the Holidays w/ Youngblood Cosmetics”

Long-Lasting Lip Shine with Youngblood Cosmetics

Courtesy of Youngblood Cosmetics I love nothing more than finding different ways of wearing red, especially when it’s a new lip color.  Youngblood Cosmetics is one of the few makeup companies that creates mineral based makeup that allows  the skin to breathe and heal. I recently fell in love with Jubilee – a gorgeous shade ofContinue reading “Long-Lasting Lip Shine with Youngblood Cosmetics”

Gorgeous & Luminous Healthy Color by Youngblood Cosmetics

  Crushed Mineral Blush by Youngblood Cosmetics is just the right amount of gorgeous and Luminous color. You can apply it to your eyes, lips and cheeks for that amazing all over natural healthy glow.  I was skeptical at first, I tend to have a heavy hand with product and with the help of myContinue reading “Gorgeous & Luminous Healthy Color by Youngblood Cosmetics”

Mineral Rice Setting Powder by Youngblood Cosmetics

Since I started testing this amazing Mineral Rice Setting Powder by Youngblood Cosmetics I’ve been unable to put it down.  This Ultra-Silky powder absorbed and controlled oil, shine and helped manage the appearance of my pores.  I’ve been getting older and since developed concerns with skin resurfacing, I love products that give me a smoothContinue reading “Mineral Rice Setting Powder by Youngblood Cosmetics”