Red Lipstick, Glowing Skin Rant


10614231_818814061483127_188107300872513298_nNow, I don’t  want anyone to misunderstand me.  I love Emmanuelle Alt , Kate Moss etc.  I just feel that sometimes a woman needs a little color.

I often skip wearing makeup on the weekends, but that mainly has to do with the fact that I don’t have a boyfriend, and that I prefer to not fuss about my appearance.


I knew at an early age that I was going to be who I was with or without red lipstick or makeup.

However with all of that being said, why are women intimidated by red lipstick or color on their skin?

I see so many beautiful women that look bland, colorless and lifeless.  Sure they have healthy skin, but their skin isn’t glowing.


On the days that I skip the makeup I use a moisturizer with illuminating properties, I use a primer that adds a bit of glow to my skin and a lip balm with hints of shimmer.  I also curl my lashes before applying my Talika Lipocils.

You can also just apply a touch of red to your lips if you want to skip on the skin illuminators.  This is what Beyonce did while on vacation.

Look at the difference between all of these beautiful women?

Who looks fresh, vibrant and full of life?

Charlotte Casiraghi Glows in Red At Gucci


10653502_818813621483171_7604061223431739349_nCharlotte Casiraghi just glowed at the recent Gucci Summer 2014 Fashion Show.  She made every other woman look dead in comparison.

I thought about posting those pictures, but felt why embarrass everyone else, no need.

This princess proves that a crimson pout is the perfect accessory  to beautiful healthy skin and a little black dress.

Isn’t she lovely?

Downton Chic


michelle-dockery-dujour-magazine-jason-binn-celebrates-lupita-moschino-jumpsuit-rupert-sanderson-pumpsDownton Abbey will soon return,  just in time for the holidays.  My favorite character is Lady Mary.  Why? Because her character is complex and often misunderstood.

michelle-dockery-garticle-10I love casual wear, and she proves  she knows what she’s doing.

She’s not afraid of wearing red lipstick or going without makeup entirely, and embraces my favorite wardrobe color, black.

Celebrity Sightings - Day 5 - The 70th Venice International Film Festival

Simple Chic


simple-chic-nyfwI love these outfits, so simple and chic.  I had a pair of Prada slingbacks once and how I wish I had kept them.

I also have a ladylike handbag, two as a matter of fact.  One Prada and another vintage Ferragamo.


I can imagine myself wearing something like this, being completely happy.

How about you?

Red Lipstick Over The Weekend


CandaceLake-GarypepperGirl at Burberry

This past weekend was a crimson one, with Kate Winslet, Candace Lake and Gary Pepper Girl sporting our favorite hue.


KateWinslet at The Toronto Film Festival “A Little Chaos”.

This just proves that there is a shade for everyone and which is your current favorite?

My Makeup Routine


photo-1Since the Skin Veil from Ellis Faas landed in my lap I’ve been unable to put it down, why? Because it’s the closest foundation I’ve tried that actually mimics my skin tone.

It’s natural looking in a way that doesn’t look like I’m wearing makeup.  You may be asking yourself how can this be? It doesn’t look like I have piles of foundation and powder caked on my face, yet my skin is luminous and my imperfections are concealed without artifice.

Ellis Faas mascara is another beauty tool that enhances your natural lashes without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Naturally I’m also in love with MAKE, they make the most amazing Glossing Powder that leaves your skin glowing even  more if that’s possible.

And last but not least I am addicted to my Brow Powder eyebrow pencil by iT Cosmetics, it’s not only natural looking, but it doesn’t come off until you take it off.

Ladies, this was just my canvas, this doesn’t include my skincare regimen or my red lipstick.

What beauty items are you currently using?

Reds to Consider by Nars



I found three new reds to consider, after all a girl can never have too many.



The New Audacious collection by Nars has a hue for everyone, there are nudes, reds and every color you can imagine.



I found these three and once I’m at my Neighborhood Nars on Fillmore Street I’ll even consider the nudes.

Which do you recommend?

Love, Love, Love


AudreyI just fell in-love with this lifestyle photo over at today.

This is what I am trying for my daily uniforms to look like.  Living in San Francisco, we are laid-back casual, we tend to wear stealth pieces for everyday and that means a great pair of jeans, great shoes etc, we don’t get all decked out without a reason and our core-being say’s it all.  Grooming is essential and run-around chic is it.

Isn’t it lovely?



matching-redWhy oh why do people keep equating wearing red lipstick and matching your manicure as retro-glam? It’s not, it’s just chic and timeless.

Crimson Lips and matching nails is just good taste, period. It’s not a fad that comes and goes, the only reason why my tips aren’t red is because if I chip a nail I’ll freak out, after all I’m not 6 anymore.

I can assure you that my pedicure is always red, and my pout usually is too.

How about you?

For the story

Elle MacPherson


102510-elle-macpherson-300I just enjoyed a nice interview with Elle MacPherson and I want whatever she’s having, period.

article-2322649-19B5D18F000005DC-877_634x920I don’t know about you guys but I am always more interested in everyday attire,Run-Around-Chic and Elle has it.  I agree with her, get your core-being down and don’t worry about the rest.  I’m tempted to buy a pair of boyfriend jeans with holes, what do you think? Oh and she’s never worn red lipstick but that’s okay.

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