City Girl in Red Lipstick, San Francisco, Abby Villaruel, Aesthetic RN Specialist


Abby caught my eye immediately, it was her gorgeous makeup application and shade of crimson. I asked her what she was wearing and I wasn’t surprised by her answer, it’s the same answer I’ve heard whenever I admire another woman’s shade of crimson.

” Mac Ruby Woo”

I asked Abby a few more questions:

Q: Why do you wear red lipstick? 

A: There’s something magical about red lipstick. When I’m having a bad hair day, when my makeup doesn’t seem right or when I’m feeling tired in general. The moment, that red stick touches my lips, I feel glamorous right away. My Red Lipstick Saves the day! 👄💄
Q: How does it make you feel?
A: It makes me feel bright and beautiful and it turns my dullest days into my most glamorous days.
Q: How old were you when you started wearing crimson?

A: I started wearing red lipstick in my late twenties. I feel stunning, stylish and successful every time I wear it.

Well ladies, if we arn’t wearing crimson yet, this is as good as any reason to start.

Abby is one Citygirl in Red Lipstick!

Mac Ruby Woo

FullSizeRenderOkay, I finally broke down and walked into my neighborhood Mac boutique and picked up Ruby Woo. I broke down because every time I liked someone’s lipstick and asked what they were wearing I heard the same response, Mac Ruby Woo. I had enough.

I can honestly tell you that the color is gorgeous, but there is no staying power, I have to reapply after every sip of my green juice or decaf iced coffee.  But then again it was under $20, what do I expect?

In either case my lips look gorgeous darling.  If anyone has any tips on what to wear it with to help give it more staying power I’m all ears.

Happy hunting!

L’Oréal Paris – New Pin-Up Collection

cr_ral_335_satin_jpg_3532_north_499x_whiteThe lipstick tubes are chic and they hold superior color for perfect pouty lips. This color in 335 Carmin Saint-Germain is a deeply hydrating and moisturizing hue that would make any gal giddy at the knees.

Right now I think it’s only available in France, but will soon arrive state-side, stay tuned!

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New! Provocalips – Rimmel London In Kiss Me You Fool

Kiss Me You Fool $6.49
Kiss Me You Fool $6.49

Nothing more than finding a crimson I love is finding it for the right price. New Provocalips by Rimmel London is more than just gorgeous Lip Color, it’s Lip Liberation.

It’s Kiss proof and high impact color that never fades. Lips won’t feel dry, tight and stay smoothed and moisturized all day long.

How to Use:

STEP 1: Apply colour and keep lips apart for 60 seconds until the product sets.
STEP 2: Apply topcoat to lock the colour, moisture and add shine

And at $6.49 I say why not add a few other shades too!

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#RedMyLips Combats Sexual Assault, Victim Blaming With A Splash Of Bold Color

meI’m usually not political, at least not publicly but this is a good cause and I can proudly say I participated this morning. If you gals have an instagram account and an image of yourself wearing your favorite shade of crimson then you may just want to participate too.

Over at the Huffington Post they posted an article in relations to Sexual Assault and a campaign that deserves to be mentioned, as we each could easily fall prey to unwanted advances from strangers or men that are supposed to be our friends.

They chose Red Lipstick as their moniker and rightly so, just because you’re gorgeous inside & out doesn’t mean you want advances from strangers and No, means NO!

#RedMyLips Combats Sexual Assault, Victim Blaming With A Splash Of Bold Color

Just post your image and tag it #RedMyLipsCampaign or #RedMyLips, I did both.

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Kate’s Red – Rimmel London

Kate's RedsDid you guys know Kate Moss created two different shades of crimson? Both gorgeous hues, even though I stay away from the burgundy hues myself.

Rimmel London lipsticks go on smooth, they hydrate dry lips and have long-lasting power.

I admit, I’m partial to Kate’s #10, it’s bright and works well  with all black, grey and even your favorite striped T-shirt.

However if burgundy is your thing, you’re going to love Kate’s #11 a plum wine color that actually looks darker in the tube.


Red Lipstick to Consider: Dior Rouge Lipstick 999


Going through my digital magazines I came across a page titled: The best I’ve ever had and there’s a quote from Natalie Portman letting us in on her favorite beauty staple.

It’s Dior’s Rouge Lipstick 999,  she say’s – “it’s the perfect red,it makes me feel like a different woman when I wear it.”

So you guys tell me, do you feel different wearing your favorite shade? I know I don’t, I knew who I was going to be with or without it, red pout or no red pout.

Any thoughts?

How to Choose Your Perfect Shade of Crimson

FullSizeRenderSurfing the world wide web today I landed on Elle Uk, I’m not as crazy about their format, liked their older version better.  Why? Because it looked more like a magazine layout.

However they have a cute emoji guide that someone created to help us determine which shades of crimson we should be buying, like suggestions according to our skin tones.

I played the game for a  bit, but honestly I had a hard time figuring out which emoji was mine.

Are you guys going to play?