Tina Turnbow Turns Up the Heat In Red


Tina TurnbowOver the weekend Tina Turnbow attended her good friend Taylor Shilling’s birthday party(Of Orange is the New Black) and we got to see this makeup guru look amazing, her makeup was perfection and her choice of red lipstick was gorgeous!

So gorgeous that I had to know what she was wearing.  So for those of you that are trying to live a more organic or natural lifestyle, pay attention.

The two items she used were all natural:

Lip liner by Dr. Hauschka in Garnet and lip gloss by Benencos in Kiss Me.

Tina chose these because the hues are deeply pigmented and you can purchase these beauties at Whole Foods.

By the way, Happy belated birthday Taylor!

Removing Your Makeup


photo-1Call me a fanatic, but I remove my makeup using a makeup towelette first. My favorites by far are Yes to Cucumbers by Yes to Carrots and most recently the New Cucumber & Sage Towelettes by Burt’s Bees.

I love the scent and this is usually my first step to removing my makeup, or wiping my hands in the event I don’t have water & soap handy.

You can in a pinch use these when you’re out camping or don’t feel like you can make it over to the sink.  I have never used them that way, but there is always a first time.

How do you remove your makeup?


My Two Reds


Nars-BesameOkay, I’ve been having a hard time putting down my Nars, but really like the New Besame Tango Red.  What to do, I ended up applying the Tango Red first and layering on top my Jungle Red by Nars.

I have to say that the results are pretty, and perhaps one day there will be a new selfie to show you guys how pretty it actually is.

What two shades do you mix?


Hair Care

haircareI’m obsessed with my hair, I’m a Leo after all. A brush I swear by is the Tangle Teezer, it keeps my hair silky smooth and tangle free.

Another item I can’t live without is my Huile de Palm by Leonor Greyl.  I apply it in the evenings and rinse it out the following morning, results are lust-worthy locks.

I also mix in Oribe and Serge Normant for styling my tresses, this is for when I need to make an impression, like a date etc.

I also only use haircare accessories by Alexandre de Paris, my sisters and I are crazy for them.


So, what haircare items are you guys using?

The Perfect Summer Duo – Besame Cosmetics


BesameMy New Tango Red from Besame Cosmetics arrived yesterday and I love it. I also received the Apricot Rouge that doubles as a cheek and lip tint for that perfect sun-kissed look.

The plus side is that these hues work on all skin tones and add the right amount of color.

The perfect duo for those lazy days of summer.




How to Wear a Striped Tshirt

Breton Striped Tee's

Breton Striped Tee’s

Reading The Edit by Net-A-Porter this afternoon I re-discovered my love of the striped t-shirt, made famous by Coco Chanel. dior

A classic staple in every chic closet.

How do you wear one? Easy, with denim, pearls, ballet flats and red lipstick.


A bit of trivia, did you know that the Breton Striped T-shirt has 21 stripes, one for every one of Napoleon’s victories?

Something else, I’m a huge history connoisseur, especially when it comes to Napoleon.

I own various striped tees, but not one of these.

Anyway, these are on my list.



City Girl In Red Lipstick – Dragon Girl by Nars


meI’m going to be brave and post my current selfie, mind you I hate, hate having my picture taken.  I am not photogenic in the least and rarely ever turn out well.

The only times I look decent are when I’m behind the camera, go figure.

Anyway, this is me and I’m wearing Dragon Girl by Nars.

What’s your current signature shade of crimson?

Baring Summer Skin – Soap & Glory

Body Care

photoI’m not saying my body is bikini ready, but this little gem helps.  I’ve been applying it to my tummy and thighs and have noticed my skin becoming smoother and firmer.

And just in time, I have a romantic weekend planned, but I won’t be sharing that story with you  come Monday morning.

What’s your favorite body treatment?