~ Mouhannad Al-majdalani DDS ~

As a child I hated going to the dentist, as most children.  As an adult it becomes necessary, especially if a little more work is required.  I also happen to enjoy going to see my dentist, afterall he’s the one that gave me back my smile.  If you’re looking for a new dentist  or dentist I highly recommend  Dr. Al-majdalani – his finger tips feel like butterfly’s wings.  Everyone in the office is friendly and cheerful making a tedious appointment feel like a simple routine checkup. 

Center for Cosmetic dentistry

1550 Lombard street

San Francisco, CA 94123

415-921-5555 ask for Patricia


Eye Lashes – the New Breast Implants ~


Mascara that makes the grade


During my younger years I used Lancome mascara, for one it worked and two it was affordable.  I happen to be a sucker for good marketing and became a Chanel girl. 

Until  I started working for Yves Saint Laurent and discovered the holy grail of Mascara, their Faux Cils.  Being into makeup the way I am, I combined the YSL Faux Cils with the YSL Infini Curl – while one lengthens the other thickens and creates a false eyelash effect.   I received many compliments and was asked to divulge my trade secrets, which I happily did.  I read in a fashion magazine that lashes were the new breast implants – and I have to agree.  I’ve been obsessed since and have tried other brands.  I was never a big believer in eye lash curlers but I’ve reformed and now am the owner of one – I never travel without my Shu Uemura eye lash curler. 

Other mascara brands that make the grade: 

1) Smash Box, Lash DNA $9 

2) Mac, Zoom Lash $20 

3) Chanel, Exceptional and Inmitable mascara $35 

I recommend using a magnifying mirror in mascara application, it helps with attention to detail.

A Great Lipstick

Between my sisters and I we could open up a boutique that specialized in all things fashion.  From the latest fashion staples to things belonging in a beauty closet.  Finding gifts for each other is easy, but what do you give  someone who already has everything?  This past Christmas the gift of choice were lipsticks from SERGE LUTENS, available at Barney’s New York. 

 They are $75 dollars each and well worth the price point.  After a lunch of salad and spare ribs my sister’s lips maintained a natural rosy like color.  At first we believed the lipstick’s price point had to do with the  quality of ingredients and beautiful smell – after lunch we realized that it was because you didn’t have to reapply  after a huge meal ~  * note: refills available for $50

A City Girls Guide to Beauty ~

Beauty Questions & Answers: Please feel free to email me any beauty questions you might have, I’ve tried almost everything and know which products actually work.

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“There is no such thing as an ugly woman, just a lazy one.”  Helena Rubinstein