Reds in The Mist

I can’t help myself, I collect red lipstick like it’s going out of style.  For years I just bought any shade that looked pretty, until I realized that red was just my shade.  A lot of women shy away from the color, but ladies I am here to tell you that there is right shade for everyone and that a red lip is equivalent to a man’s red power tie, just look at the Queen, it’s said that she’s worn the same shade ofFamily_Reds red, made especailly for her by Clarins.

What does your red collection look like?

Here’s mine:

Raven by Hourglass

Julia by Kevin Aucoin

Red Carpet by Terry

Dior – 999

Crave by Hourglass

Ruby Red by Tom Ford

01 by YSL

and my Clarins lipbalm in 05.

Chanel – 265 Subversion

Here’s to crimson pouts!


Signature Red of Choice~ True Red by Chanel

Hi, I hope everyone is staying-in and staying safe.  I’ve had time to go back to my passion of blogging.  A few months ago I was flipping through one of my fashion magazines and stumbeled upon a foundation sample from Chanel.  Normally, I don’t really pay attention, but I was actually in the market for a new foundation.

I tried it and was pleasantly surprised that it was my actual color, and the look was natural, it covered imperfections and yet looked like I wasn’t wearing makeup.  I was excited and ordered it immedialty.

I soon discovered that Chanel will ship any purchase made online with complimentary two-day Fedex shipping.  Plus, they let you choose two samples of your choosing, and of course I chose Rouge Allure Ink Fusion


, afterall I am always looking for a new red.

My package arrived within the two-day period and I couldn’t wait


to try the Ink Fusion sample in True Red.  I literally fell-in-love, my teeth looked whiter, my skin looked brighter and I was in bliss with my new find.  Now I think you guys know that I don’t need makeup, afterall I am still a bit of a beauty blogger and have a stash of product, not only that but Space NK is one of my favorite shops.

I immediatly order my True Red and am now fighting with myself from ordering more, the struggle is real.

Ladies, what’s your current favorite shade of red?

Ultra Le Teint Velvet Spf 15 $50

Rouge Allure Ink Fusion $38




CityGirl in Red Lipstick, New York City, Lola Burnstein-Rykiel, Wife, Writer, Founder of Le Chocolet Noir & Fashion Icon

I first discovered Lola surfing the world-wide web, falling instantly in-love with her words, I always looked forward to her articles on Harper’s BazaarIMG_1832-1-1. Her stories  instantly transported me to another world, where friendships were made over love, fashion and cultural entertainment, my soul was nourished with inspiration and continues to be as I follow Lola on Instagram.

The very essence of chic runs through Lola’s veins, being the grand-daughter of Sonia Rykiel, and having been raised in Paris one can’t help but admire her casual approach to fashion, everything is tre’s chic.

I especially love it when she’s wearing our favorite hue, and it’s true Lola, when in doubt choose red.

Lola is one CityGirl in Red Lipstick, Bisou!


Reese by Elizabeth Arden

IMG_1307Women’s rights has been a life-long challenge and what better way to build confidence than to wear a red lip while braving the police and opposing demonstrators.

Elizabeth Arden was an early pioneer and gave away red lipstick to every suffragette in 1912. Way to go Elizabeth and to celebrate Elizabeth Arden has come out with a limited edition March on Red bullet – get yours while supplies last.

Oh, and it’s signed by Reese Witherspoon – all proceeds go to the UN Women to advance gender equality worldwide.

Here’s to history confirming that nothing says confidence like a crimson pout.



Citygirl in Red Lipstick, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Maria Laura, Wife, Mommy and Travel, Art & Fashion Aficionado

MartolaOne of my best friends on Instagram is Malala Artola @ohlala_malala. I enjoy her insta-stories and posts about her endless travels, love of art and fashion inspiration. She also runs the hottest club in Buenos Aires, Club Newman, these are posts about her adorable children who can teach us all a thing or two about dancing.

Maria Laura

Here we have two photos of Maria Laura wearing our favorite hue, she looks equally stunning wearing any shade of lip color, but our favorite is the crimson, because who doesn’t look stunning in red?

Thank you Maria Laura and here’s to crimson kisses!

Current Reds in My Life

Happy Christmas ladies, hope everyone is doing well.  I know, I’ve been MIA for awhile,but trust me I’ve been going through so many changes, that I can’t seem to keep up with my passion for accumulating new shades of crimson and talking about it.

Do any of you recognize any of these? Recently, I went out and bought two Dragon Girls, I literally layer them underneath other shades and love the results, any new tricks or hues you’ve discovered lately, it’s time to kiss and tell.


Palette Kiss & Love by YSL

3614270717628_Palette-Kiss-and-Love_01Everything a gal needs all in one sleek and gorgeous palette. Your eyes, lips and cheeks are covered so that we can spend more time enjoying other pursuits, like love in the afternoon.


The New Reds

New RedsHope everyone has been doing well and discovering new shades of crimson to fall in-love with. I’ve been busy with family and my daytime occupation but realized that I must make time for creativity.

I’ve discovered new reds recently and carry all of these in my makeup bag.

  1. Tom Ford: Ruby Rush
  2. YSL : Rouge Pur #1
  3. Nars: Dragon Girl
  4. Nars: Carmen
  5. Bobbi Brown: Harlow

Can anyone tell me which is my favorite? And don’t forget to share your favorites with me.

Happy 4th everyone!

It’s a Cherry Symphony by Lancome

Cherry Symphony (2)Juicy Shakers by  Lancome are available in various colors.  The formulation is the first of its kind, it’s Pigment Infused Bi-Phased Lip Oil  that drenches lips in glorious color.

Perfect for summer weather, lips will be hydrated, healthy and happy.

I like to apply this over my matte shades and this is definitely coming with my on my next trip to Maui.


New Patent Finish Lip Color – Tom Ford

50758_T402-01-RED CORSET_V4
Red Corset $52

I love discovering new shades of crimson and we recently tried Tom Ford’s New Patent Finish Lip Color.

There are 8 luscious shades in all, just in case you want to try something other than our favorite hue.

This new formula combines the best of two worlds,  a lip stain with an ultra-glossy finish.


50758_T402-05-STOLEN CHERRY_V4
Stolen Cherry $52

Get ready to experience intense vibrant color with long-lasting shine. The texture is light-weight and comfortable, you will forget you’re wearing it.

This is worth looking into, any new shades of red lately?