A Great Lipstick

Between my sisters and I we could open up a boutique that specialized in all things fashion.  From the latest fashion staples to things belonging in a beauty closet.  Finding gifts for each other is easy, but what do you give  someone who already has everything?  This past Christmas the gift of choice were lipsticks from SERGE LUTENS, available at Barney’s New York. 

 They are $75 dollars each and well worth the price point.  After a lunch of salad and spare ribs my sister’s lips maintained a natural rosy like color.  At first we believed the lipstick’s price point had to do with the  quality of ingredients and beautiful smell – after lunch we realized that it was because you didn’t have to reapply  after a huge meal ~  * note: refills available for $50


Published by Anita Rivas

Founder, Writer& Editor of www.citygirlinredlipstick.com and www.mylifeinbeauty.com - you can also find me on www.examiner.com

4 thoughts on “A Great Lipstick

    1. Dear Aiko –
      Thank you for your question and information.
      My favorite SERGE LUTENS lipstick colors are: Muse A Mort and Roman Rouge.

      There are over twelve lipstick colors I believe to choose from.
      My Best,

  1. Thank you for enjoying my post, if you liked this post then you’re going to love my next one.
    I love passing along information – after years of experience.

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