Eye Lashes – the New Breast Implants ~


Mascara that makes the grade


During my younger years I used Lancome mascara, for one it worked and two it was affordable.  I happen to be a sucker for good marketing and became a Chanel girl. 

Until  I started working for Yves Saint Laurent and discovered the holy grail of Mascara, their Faux Cils.  Being into makeup the way I am, I combined the YSL Faux Cils with the YSL Infini Curl – while one lengthens the other thickens and creates a false eyelash effect.   I received many compliments and was asked to divulge my trade secrets, which I happily did.  I read in a fashion magazine that lashes were the new breast implants – and I have to agree.  I’ve been obsessed since and have tried other brands.  I was never a big believer in eye lash curlers but I’ve reformed and now am the owner of one – I never travel without my Shu Uemura eye lash curler. 

Other mascara brands that make the grade: 

1) Smash Box, Lash DNA $9 

2) Mac, Zoom Lash $20 

3) Chanel, Exceptional and Inmitable mascara $35 

I recommend using a magnifying mirror in mascara application, it helps with attention to detail.


Published by Anita Rivas

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