Deeeeeep Conditioner

3 minute miracle

With this new economy I’ve had to budget myself – having dry and frizzy hair  forces me to use a hair mask on a daily basis and using Kerastase everyday can get expensive.  I discovered a hair conditioner that received great reviews in Allure magazine a few months ago.        

 Aussie’s 3 minute miracle, it comes in two formulas: Moist and Sydney Smooth.
I alternate using them and love them, they are cost effective and do the job they claim to do – my hair is left soft and silky smooth.  My sisters and I now buy aussie 3 minute miracle in bulk. 
This hair mask gets a TEN!
 Aussie hair products can be found at Walgreens and Target.
 $ 3.24 for an 8oz bottle – what a bargain!

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2 thoughts on “Deeeeeep Conditioner

  1. AUSSIE Hair masks ROCKS!!! Love this one! I had a hair ER over this Easter Weekend – being in AZ weather can really dry out your hair and this one really made my hair soft moist and tolerable! I used the moist and am excited to try the Sydney smooth!

    Thanks Anita

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