Style A to ZOE

Fashion Bible

I love Rachel Zoe’s guide to fashion, it’s a guide that helps the reader develop their own personal style. I especially love all the individual sections that give you the must haves and the basics to achieving a wearable wardrobe, and the right beauty habits.

Here are Rachel’s Five glamour essentials under $50

1) Red Lipstick

2) Black eyeliner ( always with mascara)

3) Great Heels, the higher the better

4) Faux Shrug, even second-hand

5) Metallic Clutch

I can’t say I agree with all of them, but I at least have the red lipstick down.  I believe in dark denim and oversized sunglasses.

The bigger the handbag the better, although I do own a clutch.  I feel that after a certain age we women need to have our beauty and closets organized, who has time to run around in the morning – I don’t.

Embrace your body and dress for comfort.

Style from A to Zoe gets a TEN!


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