~ Addressing the appearance of Aging Skin ~

Age-Intervention Face Cream by Jan Marini


Let’s face it, I’m just not getting older,  my skin is getting older too!  I have to start taking precautionary measures now or pretty soon I’m going to start looking my age.  

I discovered Age-Intervention Face Cream by Jan Marini.  After several weeks of using this luxuriously emollient face cream I started to feel my skin repair itself from environmental damage.   

I’ve always had great skin, but I wasn’t using age appropriate skincare until now.  I can see and feel a huge difference. I’m more confident now walking out of my house wearing less makeup or no makeup at all. 

Age-Intervention Face Cream by Jan Marini addresses the appearance of aging skin due to changes in our hormonal levels, thank God! I am starting to feel like Samantha in Sex&the City 2. 

Getting age-appropriate skincare is easy with Jan Marini. 

Age-Intervention Face Cream by Jan Marini gets a TEN! 


Dawn Patrice Skincare Studio 

The Flood Building 

870 Market Street Suite 1188 

San Francisco, CA 94102 




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