Lucky Magazine’s – top ten best of beauty: Pssssst! by Freeman Beauty

Courtesy of Freeman Beauty
I never thought I would be raving about Dry Shampoo, but I am.  I’ve seen a professional colorist and need to preserve my hair color. My colorist recommended I use a dry shampoo, and gave me all the reasons why I should. What made me sit up and listen is that I sometimes have a heavy hand with product, I tend to use too much. 
Dry shampoo can refresh, remove product buildup and create volume!  I couldn’t wait till morning, so I could test it on my fine thin hair.
My results were thicker, fuller and shinier hair! 
If you’re looking for an affordable dry shampoo that delivers, try Pssssst! by Freeman Beauty – it helps keep hair color, protects against heat and styling tools and keeps your hair fresh in-between shampoos.
I see why it was voted top ten in Lucky Magazine’s Best of the Past Decade!
Available at Molly Stones
Check out their online store as you will find special deals and promotions.

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