Skincare 101: w/ Veronica of Malibu

Courtesy of Veronica of Malibu

*Veronica Barton-Schwartz is an aesthetician with over three decades of experience and one of the leading experts in skincare in California and beyond. Whether she is discussing skincare on national television, in magazines or doing facials at her spa in Malibu, Veronica is dedicated to her beauty business on a daily basis. Veronica has treated literally thousands of clients, including Hollywood celebrities, First Ladies and many more. With the knowledge acquired from many years of skincare study and her relentless pursuit of the very finest products available, Veronica worked with dermatologists and plastic surgeons to create her own line of advanced formulas to help everyone achieve beautiful, healthy, glowing skin.*

Taking time out of a busy schedule and with the Holidays looming and passing Veronica graciously agreed to share her skincare secrets that will aid us in the pursuit of Prevention, maintenance and Correction.

Anita: What is Prevention, Maintenance and Correction?

Veronica: First, your skin reflects your health.  Developing healthy habits that protect and nourish your skin is important.  A good diet, exercise, sleep and a good skincare routine is a way of life.  It starts from the inside out.  With Skincare, prevention starts at teaching proper skincare at an early age.  maintenance is about proper cleansing, balancing, hydrating and nourishing the skin.  Correction is using products and services that make the complexion smooth, blemish free, hydrated, healthy and beautiful!

Anita: How old should a person be when starting with Prevention?

Veronica: It starts as a young child.  Encourage an enjoyable bath time by making it an integral part of every day life.  Giving children encouragement to maintain their own hygiene is a life long habit.  Educating teens about acne and why you shouldn’t squeeze spots on your face is important ( Causes scarring and hyperpigmentation).  Acne can significantly affect a teenagers quality of life and confidence.  It’s important to help them with their prevention process.

Anita: What is age appropriate skincare?

Veronica: Skin requires different skincare at different ages, for different skin conditions.  A baby does not require the same care as a teen or an adult.  Chronological age is not the only factor to consider when determining the age of skin and the care that it needs.  The real age of skin that determines the care it needs is based on other factors.  For example, a woman in her twenties who suffered from acne is different then a woman who is the same age that suffers from dry skin and sun damage.

Anita: What type of skincare do you specialize in?

Veronica: I specialize in every type of skincare.  From acne, to preventive and aging skin.

Anita: What is a basic skincare routine?

Veronica: Cleansing, exfoliation, toning, hydration and protection for your particular skin type.

Anita: Why is it important that people have a skincare regimen?

Veronica: To keep your skin in optimal health.  Keeping your skin clear, beautiful and rejuvenated starts with a balanced diet, exercise, sleep and a good skincare routine.  Everyone’s skin is different when it comes to skincare routines.

Anita: What skincare products do you recommend for a person on a budget – anything from the drugstore?

Veronica: Good skincare products will penetrate deeper and give a better result, but there are many high quality drugstore products that I recommend to my clients everyday.  Olay Pro-X is a good line that I recommend if you have dry skin.  I make products for my clients on a budget, like Facial in a Bag has four products for any type of skin.  It has a cleanser, scrub, masque and soothing moisturizer that comes out to $22 each.

Anita: How old should a person be when considering plastic surgery or fillers?

Veronica: Different kinds of surgery requires a different minimum age.  Using cosmetic dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm can be a good option to improve your appearance and should be reserved for those entering middle age or older.

Anita: Tell us about your skincare collection – what makes it unique?

Veronica: The Veronica Skincare line is fortified with effective concentrations of clinically proven ingredients such as Matryxil 3000 and Argerline that penetrate skin to stimulate collagen synthesis and rebuild skin by pushing up wrinkles from within and relaxing expression lines.  This combination of ingredients rejuvenates skin and are unparalleled in quaility and effectiveness.  Because I spent many years in search for a treatment to clear my acne, I am especially sensitive to the frustration many of you experience in dealing with this disease.  The products in my skincare line are tested and were developed to treat problem skin.

Anita: If a person could only afford to purchase one item from your skincare collection, which would you recommend?

Veronica:  The Veronica Alpha Lipoic Antioxidant Cream.  It’s an all-in-one super antioxidant cream formula.  This multi-action moisturizer is infused with Alpha Lipoic, DMAE, Copper, Co-Enzyme Q10, Vitamin E and retinol to provide vibrant, healthy skin at any age.

Anita: I took note and learned a lot – Thank you Veronica and I’m looking forward to our future conversations!

Veronica Skin & Body Care Center

24955 Pacific Coast Hwy # B101
Malibu, CA 90265-4748
(310) 456-8883

Oil of Olay Pro-X is available at Walgreens and Target


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