Keeping Your Red Lipstick From Turning – Makeup Tips

red-lipstick1How many times have you bought a new red shade only to have the color turn after a few hours? Lately that seems to be the case with my red lipstick choices.  I find it aggravating and asked the experts for help.

My friend Alphonse over at says that when looking for a lip color, place it on your pointing finger tip. Press thumb against the middle of finger to have the blood rush to the tip. This will mimic a shade closer to one’s natural lips. Also applying lip color on the back of your hand has a different base than natural lip color, that is why it looks different or why the color changes.

I also noticed that depending on the lip pencil, the color would take another dramatic turn, leaving me with a not so perfect shade. Alphonse advised that to have the shade appear as a true color, the pencil should match as close as possible. To go darker is like mixing in another pigment and will create depth – not wrong or right.

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