The Modern Rules of Wearing Red

Red Lipstick for generations has attracted admirers, it’s a come-hither hue that commands respect and get’s you noticed. Red pouts have been favored by princesses, movie stars, prime ministers and stylish women all around-the-world. The best red lipstick application will always be the Parisian way of wearing your favorite crimson,  with minimal makeup, but theContinue reading “The Modern Rules of Wearing Red”


Keeping Your Red Lipstick From Turning – Makeup Tips

How many times have you bought a new red shade only to have the color turn after a few hours? Lately that seems to be the case with my red lipstick choices.  I find it aggravating and asked the experts for help. My friend Alphonse over at says that when looking for a lipContinue reading “Keeping Your Red Lipstick From Turning – Makeup Tips”

Black Eye Liner & Red Lipstick

My friend Alphonse at created a blog where I came across this gorgeous picture.  In case you were wondering how to wear your eye liner with your Red Lipstick… INSPIRATION: “HIGH-STYLE” W MAGAZINE MAKEUP: Marc Carasquillo HAIR: Serge Normant PHOTOGRAPHER: Michael Thompson MUSE: Alana Zimmer Here’s to Red lipstick!