Detoxing – The 2nd Day

via Emerson Fry
via Emerson Fry

I lost over 30 pounds by detoxing and juicing, plus making conscious food choices. Then I began enjoying gluten free bread a bit too much and other freshly baked goods from “Sift” and “Susie Cakes”.

With too many birthdays and holidays I realized I was in danger of gaining my weight back, so far I maintained it, with a few extra pounds give or take.

I make my own green juices, but don’t make much of anything else.  So, to jump start my detoxing week and after I first made some of my green juices, but this time I added grapefruit to the recipe as it aids in removing grease/oil from the body.

photocancancleanseMy sisters and I order cleanses from Can Can Cleanse and it’s convenient because they have a pick up location right around the corner from our house.  We also sometimes buy the juices a la cart, since I only make green juices. The great concept behind Can Can Cleanse is portion control and that you can modify your beverages to adjust to your schedule.

Yesterday was my first day, I had over 3 liters of water, green tea, green juice, a detox cucumber soup and grapefruit juice with water. I also take my vitamins and went to bed early.  So far so good.

Today I started with my lemon water and dash of cayenne pepper, then my lemon tumeric juice and you get the drift.

My plans are to do a water fast and add green tea if I can’t cope.

What about you guys, have you thought about a cleanse?


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14 thoughts on “Detoxing – The 2nd Day

    1. yeah I totally understand. I became a vegetarian because I needed to lose weight and was having stomach issues.The diet change has helped me stay out of doctors offices.

    2. I feel you! I just dropped from a size 16. It is very hard to fit in clothes and its very hard to feel confident sometimes. However, I find that even though I am not a size 2 or an 8 with exercising and eating better I do feel more confident, I do feel beautiful.

    3. Good for you! You’re brave to tell me your size, I won’t be that brave until I lose another 30 pounds, then I can really own it. I saw a picture of myself at my cousins baby shower and watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross for a detoxing story I was working on and it changed my life. I never did write the piece, but plan to one of these days. You don’t have to juice full-throttle but can drink a juice as a meal replacement.

    4. How about a kale and dark cherry smoothie? You know I had the same reaction after trying on clothes from stitch fix and then taking a picture of myself in the mirror.It hit me. I am glad you saw it and was able to make the change. Don’t worry you don’t have to ever give your weight. I mean a lady can have some secerts

    5. LOL – No, I’ll tell you my size once I achieve my desired goal, I mean if I end up feeling really good about myself being 15 to 20 pounds lighter, I won’t need to lose the full thirty right away, but it’s a goal. I can own my age now because I don’t look my age, everyone says I look 10 years younger than my actual age, but I won’t post that here : ” )
      That smoothie sounds good by the way…can you give me the recipe?

    6. Hon, I do my own little mix and put it to taste. However, I do go walmart and get my cherries frozen and buy fresh Kale and I use Chobani Non fat yogurt to make it smooth. I also buy the dole frozen fruit that like 10 bucks and you get 6 bags that are made to make 3 servings.

    7. Oh, did you know that you can add organic coco powder to it, or use the chocolate Chobani. I’ve thought about making that one but haven’t yet. Have you tried the new yoghurt by Noosa? It’s heaven but should only be eaten as a reward. Also the Wallaby yoghurt, it’s been my addiction. I mix in organic honey and organic dried fruit. I had to give it up though, for now.


    8. I have seen noosa and Wallaby but have not tried them yet. I stuck on Fage yoghurt. It has this compartment that has honey. LOL. I do have coconut milk but I havent added it to my smoothies.

  1. I’m also impressed; I tried to detox and by the second day my headache was so bad I thought screw this. 😦 I’ll just have to try and build up my mentality.

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