Detox Smoothie – Day 3

I was feeling dizzy, light-headed and sleepy yesterday, and that was because I didn’t have any of my Tulsi Organic Green Tea, I didn’t make that mistake again today. I stopped in at Native Juice but they were out of my detox soup, I had to improvise and have my favorite smoothie at Juice Shop,Continue reading “Detox Smoothie – Day 3”

Dextox Soup – Native Juice

Native Juice is this place that opened up near our office in the financial district.  I am a huge fan of their smoothies, but lately I’ve been hooked on their Detox Soup. I know it has cucumber puree and other green veggies but I can’t think of them now, maybe because I’m feeling a littleContinue reading “Dextox Soup – Native Juice”

Detoxing – The 2nd Day

I lost over 30 pounds by detoxing and juicing, plus making conscious food choices. Then I began enjoying gluten free bread a bit too much and other freshly baked goods from “Sift” and “Susie Cakes”. With too many birthdays and holidays I realized I was in danger of gaining my weight back, so far IContinue reading “Detoxing – The 2nd Day”