Detox Smoothie – Day 3

photo-1I was feeling dizzy, light-headed and sleepy yesterday, and that was because I didn’t have any of my Tulsi Organic Green Tea, I didn’t make that mistake again today.

I stopped in at Native Juice but they were out of my detox soup, I had to improvise and have my favorite smoothie at Juice Shop, they are the luxury of juices in San Francisco.

Everything is cold-pressed, more expensive but they only use quality ingredients and everything is organic.

Today I had the 5 Seed Smoothie: hemp seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and strawberries, banana, blue-green algae, sprouted raw almonds, vanilla bean, Himalayan salt and filtered water.

I don’t think I can make this myself, as everything tastes better store-bought.

Today is going by a lot better than yesterday, so what did you have for lunch?



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